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Football for the Forest

Become a Terry Parent

Karibu Terry!


Football for the Forest

We are privileged to be located right in the middle of one of the most beautiful forests in Kenya, Iveti Forest. This area serves as a water tower for the Machakos region in addition to being a serene home and source of income for thousands of members of the local community.

Due to climate change and deforestation, Iveti forest, like many across the country faces the very real risk of being destroyed and taking with it the health and livelihoods of the people of Machakos. Young people living in and around this forest are the worst affected as they watch their future literally come down around them, something they feel powerless to change. Without the proper support, they often find themselves being part of the problem as they are recruited to take part in deforestation activities. 

Join us and our partners in giving these young people a voice through the beautiful game of football. 

Every bit you support us with will go towards buying tree seedlings to plant in the forest and supporting child and youth-led football clubs to be a voice for change in environmental conservation.

You can support this initiative through any of our donation platforms or join our online fundraiser here (Click the link below)

We would also love for you to join us so we'll keep you posted on all upcoming tournaments and tree planting days to make sure you don't miss out on all the fun.

Become a Terry Parent

It is easy to fall in love with all the wonderful children being sheltered at our Centre, and even easier to lend a hand in providing the necessities that boost their overall welfare. 

You can choose to sponsor a child or a number of children. Your kind contribution will further empower the community that cares for and supports them. 

Sponsorship varies but the amounts stated below will ensure your sponsored child’s educational needs and general welfare are catered for throughout the year.


  • Pre-school/ Kindergarten
    KES 5000/00 (USD 50) per month

  • Primary school
    KES 20,000 (USD 200) annually

  • Secondary school

  • KES 80,000 (USD 800) annually 

Karibu Terry!

Happy Terry Kids

Our children are currently enrolled in various schools across the country. However, when everyone is home from school, we love nothing more than to have some quality time with our friends.

If you'd like to visit and spend some time with us, feel free to drop by at our GBV Rescue and Recovery Centre  in Kaviani, Machakos County. 

Our offices are open from 8 am - 5 pm every weekday. If you'd like some time with the children, weekends and school holidays are the perfect time. Heads-up, our children absolutely love to dance, so brace yourself for a wonderful time when you get here.

You can also contact us any time to plan your visit. We'd love to have you over.


We welcome all donations in cash and in kind. Your support goes a long way in improving the lives of the children.


Thank you.

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Football in the Forest
Become a Terry Parent
Karibu Terry!
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