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GBV Rescue and

The Centre currently caters for a total of 40 child survivors of GBV and other at risk children. The centre has two dormitories, one for boys and the other for girls each with a capacity of 60 children.

At the Centre, our children are provided with their basic needs including but not limited to food, shelter, clothing, education, and psychosocial support. The main aim of the Centre is to allow the children a safe space to reclaim their childhood as we work towards creating a safer and more secure environment for them to return to at the point of reintegration.


We work closely with medical care providers, local administration, and the legal system to ensure that the survivors receive full support in terms of medical and psychological care as well as access to justice and protection until the full conclusion of their cases. We have also been privileged to support child mothers and their children to ensure they have full access to basic needs while they complete their education.

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